Waves Super Fleece Blanket


A blanket for those who dream about clean sets and offshore winds.


The Super Fleece is a cozy, modern and high-performance blanket for your bed. It's designed to feel plush and familiar like your favorite hoodie, with all of the performance benefits of technical apparel. Designed with beautiful organic patterns and water resistant fabrics, you'll stay dry and comfortable while you sleep, wherever that may be. 

This edition of the Super Fleece features an image of perfect waves stacked as far as the eye can see. It was shot by photographer Rob Schanz on the best day of the year at Ocean Beach in San Francisco.


  • DWR knit top face repels water and stains.
  • Anti-microbial fleece bottom face is ultra cozy and repels bacteria.
  • Machine washable
  • Stain resistant

Super Fleece Blanket Size Chart

The Super Fleece Blanket Features

Repels Liquids & Stains

Nanotex on the knit topside shell provides exceptional stain resistance, protecting you from spilled liquids and pet hair.

Resists odor & bacteria

Utilizing antimicrobial Silvadur, the Super Fleece repels bacteria and odor on the soft fleece underside.

Ultra Soft & Warm

Synthetic 3D hollow fiber insulation reflects back the body’s radiant heat, keeping you the ideal temperature.

Bring The Waves Home

Photo of Ocean Beach in San Francisco by Rob Schanz

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