Amy David


July 02, 2015

Name: Amy David // Age: 23 // Residence: Salt Lake City, UT // 

Occupation: PR / Media for Mountain Sports International, On Camera Host/Announcer, Skier // Sponsors: Rumpl, Aura Optics, Cotopaxi // Website // Social


What are you passionate about? Skiing is my ultimate passion. It connects me to mother nature, feeds my dare-devil desires, and the sole experience of skiing synergies the mind, body and soul. I’m also passionate about preserving the environment, my wild-west family heritage and film. 

How did you find your passion? I grew up in a western mountain town where my parents owned an outfitting business in the Wind River and Wyoming Ranges. We spent the majority of our time outdoors where I developed a love for nature, animals, and outdoor sports. The joy I experience from skiing has influenced my lifestyle for nearly 23 years. 

What would you do with your last 48hrs on earth? I would go sky diving, then float the Grand Canyon via several party boats with my closest family and friends. The final hours I would spend backcountry skiing by myself. 

How do you use your Rumpl? I travel for work between ski destinations in the winter and mountain bike/climb destinations in the summer, so it’s clutch to have a cozy blanket that compacts easily for long road trips, plane rides and on my bed at my house. 

What inspires you? I am inspired by action: People who turn their ideas into reality through action, action sports that fuel the adventurers’  soul, and taking action to improve the planet we inhabit.

(all snow images by Chris Pearson)

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