Borderski goes Arctic


June 12, 2015

Words by  Alison Criscitiello
The Pamirs of eastern Tajikistan are an unrelenting, demanding, stunning mix of unpredictable weather and terrain, and frozen high landscapes that are otherworldly... The winds and the beauty can suck the breath right out of your lungs. Our goal was to ski Tajikistan’s border with its neighboring countries – Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan, and China – along broad high valleys and remote mountain passes jutting against borders. Along some stretches, the border was just an idea.Along others, barbed wire fences and intuition would herd us, and alter our path. Not too different, in the end, from the Marco Polo sheep and ibex that call the roof of the world their home. Our search for snow vacillated between wallowing and scarcity. Driven to ski on frozen rivers, to carry sleds across icy mottled landscapes, we forged paths we never could have foreseen. And we found, over and again, the true nature of adventure.

Rumpls used in this Outing: