Shawn Neer


April 15, 2015

Name: Shawn Neer (@shawnneer) // Age: 24 // Residence: Boulder, CO. // Occupation: Electrician // Sponsors: Yeti Cycles, Enve Composites, Smith Optics, Outdoor Technologies
What are you most likely doing on any given SundayRiding somewhere through the front range of Colorado Rockies.
How did you find your passion? Got bored with the ball sports at a young age, so my father took me to the local BMX track. Pretty much after my first race I never looked back to any other sports.
Who are your heroes? My great grandfather and Doug Henry.
How would you spend your last 48 hrs on earth? It would be split between doing stupid stuff on two wheels and spending time with close family.
How do you use your Rumpl? Besides around the house, I would say on biking adventures is where I use it a lot. Not much compares to coming back from a cold bike ride and warming up with a Rumpl and some hot coffee.
(all photos by Joey Schusler)

Shawn's Favorite Rumpls: