The Grand Tetons


March 25, 2015

A month had passed since our last adventure. We were longing for starry nights, cold noses, and warm toes. We packed the back of our car and headed north. We drove late into the night, and arrived just as the moon was peaking over the horizon, illuminating the valley and unveiling a rigid mountain line. We set up camp, excited and energized by the cold that nipped our finger tips. We drifted off to sleep as the moon passed across the giant ocean of the sky from one mountain range to the next. We awoke the next morning and wandered deep into the forest near the belly of the mountains. We jumped into cold mountain lakes, watched the sunset turn the sky into fire, and warmed ourselves with cocoa. As soon as we’d driven out of the Teton valley, we were left with the desire to return.
photo and video by @grg.rkzy


Rumpls used in this Outing: