Alison Criscitiello


March 25, 2015

Name: Alison Criscitiello (borderski) // Age: 33 // Residence: Canmore, Alberta, Canada // Occupation: Glaciologist, Alpine Guide // Passion: Ice and Snow // Sponsors: Brooks-Range Mountaineering
Do you consider your lifestyle 'alternative’? My lifestyle is definitely off the beaten path. I spend big parts of my year working in the Arctic and Antarctic, and other parts of my year in far-flung frozen corners of the earth climbing and skiing in new spots that intrigue me. Finding balance between my scientific research and my outdoor pursuits is the keystone.
How did you find your passion? Since I was in grade school, I've been fascinated and captivated by ice. Growing up in New England, I explored the mountains around me for years before setting off to seek adventure in mountains around the world. The depth of my ice obsession forged my path toward becoming a Glaciologist as well.
Who are your heroes? My sisters: the strongest, smartest, sassiest gals I know.
How would you spend your last 48 hrs on earth? Bluebird day on a frosty mountaintop, sip o' whiskey in hand.
How does Rumpl fit into your lifestyle? The mission, the style, the everything about Rumpl jives with me and my lifestyle. Whether I'm at home in Canmore, on a road trip, or on a big expedition, my Rumpl goes with me. It's a piece of comfort and home and warmth I can't be without.
all photos by Kate Harris
First female ascent of Pinnacle Peak, Indian Himalaya - GoRumpl!

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