Patrick Switzer


March 13, 2015

Name: Patrick Switzer // Age: 27 // Residence: Hanover, Ontario, Canada // Occupation:  Professional Downhill Skateboarder // 
Notable Achievements: IGSA World Series Champion 2011, Four time Canadian Champion, Three time Maryhill Festival of Speed Champion
Favorite skate spot? #Offshore
Closest Call? Too many close calls to remember. Risking it all is what makes life worth living
If you aren't skating, waht are you doing? If not skating, I am biking, bouldering, board gaming, cooking, or stoking groms on the internet. 
How do you use your Rumpl? Snuggling up outside GloriaRV parked on top of a mountainous road with the stars shining while sharing the moments of the days skating exploits
photo: Ari Chamasmany
photo: Shane Maloney
photo: Brie Schelling
photo: Jake Grove
photo: Scott Wipperman 

Rumpls used in this Outing: