Ryan Seelbach


March 13, 2015

Name: Ryan Seelbach // Age: 45 // Residence: San Francisco // Occupation: Geologist, Professional Big Wave Surfer // Sponsors:  Channel Islands, Xcel, Aqua Surf Shop 
Do you consider your lifestyle 'alternative’? With Respect to the rest of the country, yes.  Lifestyle is built around surfing, travel, and getting off the beaten path
How did you find your passion? Along with many other sports, I grew up with surfing and stuck with it.  The organized sports I grew up on all stopped being a part of my life (football, soccer, rugby, bmx), then after college others slowly dropped off as well (basketball, skiing, snowboarding, skateboarding, etc).  I still mtn bike, ski/board, but not very much in comparision to surfing
Who are your heroes? In the surf community, I keep my eye on Shane Dorian, Kelly Slater, Greg Long and Mark Healy.  These guys are fully going after the big wave career and are good barometers for what's hitting the next level in the sport. 
How would you spend your last 48 hrs on earth? Some of my most fond memories are being out in the water with a crew of good friends that can charge big ass surf, hooting each other and pushing each other, followed by a good meal, beers and a sunset.  The next day I'd like to go surfing by myself!  ;) 
How does Rumpl fit into your lifestyle? feel like the Rumpl is a lot like me, a bit disheveled and all over the place.  It likes to hang out and keep people happy.  I see that is where we overlap the best

photo: Seth Migdail

photo: Frankie Quirarte

photo: Jamy Donaldson

photo: Frankie Quirarte

photo: Frankie Quirarte

photo: Sebastian Rojas


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