Kyle Andrews


February 25, 2015

Name: Kyle Andrews (@the_nw_adventure) // Age: 29 // Residence: Vancouver....the Washington one // Occupation: Marketing
What is you favorite subject to shoot? Waterfalls. Few things are more wonderful than being in the presence of a good waterfall. The thundering roar of water on the rocks. The cold misty spray on your face. The constant change within such an ancient formation. Yeah, I like waterfalls.  
Who are your biggest influences? Probably National Geographic and the photographers behind it have been the most influential to me as far as just getting out and taking pictures whenever and wherever. Style wise, Bryan Daugherty is up there.
What photography trend makes you cringe? Anything shot with a potato and posted. Most pictures of text/screenshots. My old pictures that I thought were good.  
What's it been like shooting a Rumpl? Taking the Rumpl along with me has been blast. It's like having a hiking buddy that doesn't talk too much or eat your snacks. It's like how Elliot must have felt with E.T. It's like having an incredibly gorgeous model to take pictures of without getting in trouble with my gal.

Kyle's Favorite Rumpl: