Pacific Coast Trail


February 07, 2015

The Pacific Coast Trail that runs through Oregon's Scenic Corridor might be the most accessible world class backpacking on the West Coast... It's a mystery then why the trail isn't peppered with reservation-only campsites, parking lots, welcome stations, and toilets. The trail is spectacular, undulating around ridges and fingers that begin as lush gullies and extend into dry, exposed coastline. Small beaches punctuate the dramatic intersection between mountain and sea, and more often than not, you won't see a single person on any of them. The beaches provide the only ground flat enough for a tent, and are only accessible by way of steep, narrow singletrack, or more likely, sketchy hand-over-hand rappelling on old fixed ropes. Don't worry about fees, camping permits, or park hours; just show up and set out. 

Rumpls used in this Outing: