Jacob Beal


February 05, 2015

Name: Jacob Beal (@JacobVersus) // Age: 23 // Residence: Encinitas, CA // Occupation: Photographer, Apple 
When did you start calling yourself a Photographer? Well, there never was a time where I thought, "yes, I'm finally photographer". I've been shooting for nearly a decade. There was a point where I started taking photography seriously and that was about 5 years ago.
What is you favorite subject to shoot? Landscape, Cars, Lifestyle
Who are your biggest influences? I get influenced from my peers. My fellow photographers. @jovell, @fursty, @i.balderas, @scali, @mistertaz, @sciollasvisuals, literally I could go on forever. I get inspired by brands as well. Such as, Rumpl, Poler, Topo designs, Huckberry, etc. 
What photography trend makes you cringe? Oh man.... How much time do you have? Stereotypical Instagram photos. Standing in the middle of a street in a city with buildings in both sides, feet hanging off the side of something... But everything that makes me cringe I've done at one point or another. It's just about who does it best.

Jacob's Favorite Rumpls: