After the Rain


March 04, 2014

Rain can last for days in the Pacific Northwest... On the third day of our trip we awoke to the familiar, yet subdued tapping of rain drops on the roof. For the first time since we'd landed in Portland, the rain had waned to a mere drizzle. Although the wood-burning stove, home cooking, and childhood board games had kept us entertained for the last two days, we were ready to get some fresh air. Stepping outside after the first dramatic Fall storm was refreshing. It felt as though the entire neighborhood had been washed and prepped for a new cycle. The wind had died, the smell of rain lingered, and the moisture hung in the air, occasionally spitting inconsequential mist on a fully saturated ground. The colors of Fall no longer clung to the trees, but instead blanketed the ground with a squishy carpet that would last for the next two weeks.  When we stepped outside, it felt like it was earlier than it actually was; it was quiet and people hadn't yet emerged from their homes. We had the place all to ourselves.

Rumpls used in this Outing: